Certified Organic Mushroom Sustainability & Traceability Practices

Mother Earth takes sustainability very seriously across all factions of our business. We are committed to managing our environmental footprint throughout the entire life cycle of our mushrooms, from composting and spawning all the way to packing and shipping.

“Take the necessary steps to get organized and do it [traceability] right. In the end, it’s worth it.”

Meghan Klotzbach
Co-Owner, Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms

Meghan Klotzbach

Certifiably Sustainable

Mother Earth Mushrooms is a PTI-Certified organization. Read the full Case Study from The Produce Traceability Initiative, sponsored by GS1 US, GS1 Canada, International Fresh Produce Association, and Canadian Produce Marketing Association.

Better for you, better for the planet.

As a trusted, top-quality supplier of organic mushrooms, we have implemented responsibly grown sustainability and traceability practices that dictate how we do business, day in and day out.

Tim Hihn

“We realized it [traceability] had to be a company-wide commitment to be successful. That meant taking the time to explain the importance of the change to everyone.”

Tim Hihn
Co-Owner, Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms

Tim Hihn

The Ultimate Sustainable Food

From the beginning of the growing process to harvest, experts tout the mushroom as the most sustainable vegetable. Mushrooms require fewer growing materials, less water, and less energy than other types of agriculture. They also are unbelievably space efficient; one square foot of land can produce 7.1 million pounds of mushrooms annually.

To produce 1 Pound of Mushrooms:

Upcycled Materials

Farmers use upcycled materials from other agricultural divisions such as cow manure, chicken litter, cotton hulls, almond husks, corn cobs, wheat straw, and sawdust for substrate.

<2 Gallons of Water

In comparison, it takes around 10 gallons of water to produce most other fruits and vegetables.

1 kW per hour of Energy

That’s the equivalent of making only one cup of coffee!

0.7 pounds of CO2

That includes energy emitted from electricity and fuel used for composting, growing operations, and — of course — harvesting.

Looking for more?

The entire team at Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms is dedicated to our sustainability and traceability mission. We would love to answer questions you may have about any of our processes or practices, and how they align with your own business’ sustainability goals. Connect with us today to get started!