Our History!

Did you know Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms
started out as a dairy farm?


In 1919, the farm was purchased by Arthur P. Yeatman to be used for dairy operations. It wasn’t until 1921 that the first two mushroom houses were built, followed by three more in 1922 and 1923. By 1930, the dairy operation was discontinued and four more mushroom houses were built, operated as A.P. Yeatman & Sons. In 1949, Yeatman’s son Clarence (C.P.) bought another 77-acre farm with 3.5 mushroom houses and two dwellings.

Mother Earth Farm

1950 was the year the dairy operation began again by Clarence’s oldest son, Artie. His other two sons, Jim and Bob, came into the business in 1958 and formed a new partnership – C.P. Yeatman & Sons. C.P. and Jim operated the mushrooms while Artie and Bob operated the dairy until 1962 when US Route 1 cut the farm nearly in half! As a result, the dairy was sold and three more mushroom houses were built. C.P. retired in 1966 and the farm operations were incorporated as C.P. Yeatman & Sons, Inc. In 1972 a Limited Partnership was created and all real estate was transferred to this entity. All family members (even those not involved in the operations) then became limited partners in the land holding partnership.


In 1993 the fourth generation, Tim Hihn (married to Jill, Bob's daughter) and Jerry (Jim's son) became shareholders and officers of C.P. Yeatman & Sons, Inc. There are several divisions of C.P. Yeatman & Sons and these include:

  • Growing Divisions

    We currently have two separate 100% Organic growing divisions in both West Grove and Oxford, PA. We have spent compost available continuously at our West Grove location- still operating as C.P. Yeatman & Sons, Inc. We also have a very quaint country store at our West Grove location, where you can buy fresh organic mushrooms retail and browse our selection of books and gift items. The store is open from 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday, please call in advanced with any large fresh mushroom orders.
  • Packing Division

    Mother Earth, LLC, located in Landenberg, PA controls our packing, processing, marketing and sales departments. We have packing, shipping, and transportation of both fresh and dried mushroom varieties. We will also transport various commodities upon request. Mother Earth also facilitates our promotional message through various outlets including Social Media, in-store demonstrations, and customer promotions. Our Landenberg location sells fresh organic mushrooms retail to the public as well, so stop by to get mushrooms for your dinner today! Retail mushroom sales are available from 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday.

For over 100 years, the Mother Earth farm has been in operation and we are looking forward to many more exciting years to come!